FS 10 Fly Fishing Books


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Treasury of Anglng hardbound by Larry Koller 1963
The Classic Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout hardbound by Charles Jardine
Guide to Flying Central/SE Oregon by Harry Teel
Fly Fishing Central Oregon with numerous contributors
Fishing in Oregons Best Waters by Scott Richmond
Flying PNW Waters by John Shewey
Steelhead Paradise by John Fennelly
Superflies by Jay Nicholas vols 1-3 - Jay is a very well known Oregon fly tyer, these are his detailed ties for favorite flies

$135/BO for all 10 shipped PNW only (heavy package).


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just realized I can get these in a large USPS Priority box, so how about $100 shipped.
We're offloading everything not essential for our forthcoming move out of state.


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Can't do it. Sorry. My dog got sick. If they dont sell by July 1 get back 2 me. U have 7 books I dont have. Thanks. Mike williams

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