Inexpensive Tying Materials Thread

Jim Ficklin

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I have used a lot of the stuff mentioned. Toy aisles, craft stores & on-line searches are your friends. Great tools & beads are also available at craft stores. I have excellent & close-cutting wire nippers bought for cheap & small barb mashers I found among the necklace-making tools at a craft store, as well as photo boxes in various sizes that, when lined with thick craft foam make great inexpensive fly boxes. Plastic stamens for artificial floral arrangements make great extended eyes. When I wash my dog's fuzzy blankets, I get a bunch of dubbing from the dryer lint trap - the blanket color sets the tone & the dog hair holds it together & provides guard hairs. "Shopping/thinking outside the box" pays dividends when tying flies.
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Great find. I knew I was on to something when I walked into Joann's and the lady said "You must tie flies." I get a lot of things there. One thing to watch is that some materials I have bought are not colorfast. But that is a minor point.