SBS Splitsville Sparkle Dun


I hate tying sparkle duns, mainly because I can't; this variation makes it almost fun. Tied here as an Adams/callibaetis; change color/size to suit your needs.

hook - WFC Model 3 #14
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
shuck - Congo Hair brown
abdomen - tying thread
loop - tying thread
hackle - grizzly
thorax - dubbing hare's ear (too lazy to dig out the muskrat)
wing - deer hair

start thread one eye width back from eye

clean, stack, measure (hook length) a clump of deer hair; spin the thread tight and tie in

pull some fibers back, take a wrap thru, repeat, set wing angle with wraps in front and trim butts

tie in CH at base of butts, fold over, wrap to bend; return to base of wing, creating tapered body, trim shuck (gap width)

create loop

tie in hackle; insert loop onto gallows

wrap hackle up (distance = back of thorax to eye)

and back down; tie off at base/trim

stroke fibers back

dub thread/dub thorax; take a wrap or two in front of wing

pull hackle forward thru wing (splitting it in half and giving the fly it's name)

tie hackle down, fold loop back, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

Very nice as usual Scott. And thanks! I find it not necessary to tie the hackle parachute style. Just trim below hook shank, splitting the wing as you put the dear hair on. Doesn’t look as good but has tricked fish anyway.