tacoma area report 6/8

i got out for 2 hours this afternoon, tide was about mid-way hightide with with a nice current to swing my fly, i was using a chartuese bunny with a sinktip line. had sucess about an hour and a half into it. i was casting into this ripline edge and stripping fast as the current was giving the fly a downswing effect . the hook-up was subtle , he sped back and forth across my veiw of the water and broke the water a few times. when i got him to the beach he was a healthy black mouth of 17 inches that looked like he escaped some sea lions im sure! i let him go with a big sigh and a pat on my back! thats it.

Well done bhudda, nice to hear someone picking up a resident blackmouth.

I keep hoping that one of these inventive folks on this site will some day come up with a technique or fly to enable folks to target blackmouth on a regular basis.

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