WTB ugly dog

looking for a French Bull dog who is for sale and doesn't chew bamboo fly rods
I fished Walupt yesterday. @ young kids were watching as I c n ed the only 4 fish I got to release.Not too much guys on the surface yet
They showed interest so I set them up with some nymphs , told em to try dragging them. They reported later they had some "huge" strikes but the barbless hooks didn't stay in them.I pointed out its the nature of the beast and a lot of fun just to hook up.The oldest says he's going to resurrect his grandpas fly rod and give it a try I gave him a bottle of Glide for the old line. Great fathers day here.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I had a Shih Tzu who ate my hackle. Dang dog had more lives than a cat.
My former Bride had a Shih Tzu/Dachshund cross (looked like a Shih Tzu though except the hair was kind of wiry in spots.) It was a nippy little cuss - I told folks that Toby was a cross between a Shih Tzu and a chainsaw. That dog taught an entire family that leather items never went on or near the floor. Toby accounted for several pairs of Birkenstocks & less expensive footwear, a letter jacket (which I replaced), and numerous belts (I still have one that I rescued which sports tooth marks.
I had a cat that ate a new Cortland fly line that was still in the box. Chewed holes in every inch of the line. I punted that cat in the back yard and it never got near my lines again. No harm was caused to the cat, just scared the hell out of it. I have found a few fly tying materials (marabou, chenille) in my Amy's stash place but no damage to either. She's my 6 year old Chiweenie.
I took in an old stray cause my daughter told me too Couple thousand in vet bills . see vets over charge. He had too much character and I miss him a lot, he ate a 6wt rio grand as it was drying in my living room.Great cat hell on fly lines.

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