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I just read a post in the Lost-Found-Stolen section by a guy that lost a fly box. I know what a heartbreak that can be when maybe you have spent hours filling said box with your favorite flies.

If you have a computer and a printer or even just a waterproof Sharpie you can easily make labels with your contact information and attach them to your fly boxes. It requires a minimum of effort and can prevent a lot of grief if an honest person finds them. Keep the labels small and attach them to the box with clear packaging tape. Clean the box first with alcohol and round all corners of the tape with scissors before pressing it down. These last for years, I have some going on 15 years now.

This gives you at least a 50/50 chance of getting your box back. An honest person will be happy to return it to you. Of course if it is found by a politician or a tweaker you are just out of luck but at least you had a chance.
Being too cheap to have a printer for my computer, I frequently use those free peel off name and address labels that places like Trout Unlimited send us in the mail. I also use a Dymo labelmaker for fly boxes and fly reels (line specs, etc.).
My wife has a couple label makers. We create our labels with them. They’re waterproof and have an adhesive on the back, so you can put a label with your name, address, telephone number, or whatever you want on just about anything. I think they cost somewhere around $20-$40 each depending on their features.

In addition to keeping your name on your fly boxes, you can label you fly rod tubes, reel cases, glasses cases, etc. etc.

I organize all of my fly tying hooks and beads in lockable plastic boxes. I have a label on one side of the box, saying for example “dry fly hooks”, and then label each compartment on the box with the hook size and style. These labels make it very quick and easy to find the exact hook or bead that I need for practically any fly. I then keep the plastic boxes with the hooks and beads in zippered carry bags that have my name and address label on it, just in case....

Jim Darden

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I label them too, but for a different reason. My labels are for bonefish, steelhead, dorado, SRC, drys, nymphs, chironomids, streamers, permit, tarpon, billfish, bass, panfish, sedges, wooly bugger, salmon, dollies, etc. At my age I need the help just to remember what is what....
I fell in the North fork of the Clearwater and lost a large box of flies. It was in the middle of a week long trip there it was a bummer. It had my name and cell phone number on it.
A couple weeks later the box was returned by mail. I have no idea how the guy who found it found me?
I sent him a couple dozen flies and a thank you. I asked him how he found me with so meager info.
Never heard back?

Bob Triggs

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I write my name and contact info on the inside foam liners of my fly boxes, with a fine point Sharpie pen. Waterproof indelible ink. Won't fade. A sticker would last longer inside of a box lid too.

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