FWIW - Abel Line Capacity

Abel/Ross on-line marketing posts line backing capacities for presently mfr'd reels and there is a pdf file online for their discontinued models, but neither of these state whether the amount of 20# backing is based upon WF or DT lines. So I called. WF. I guess they don't bother to make that clear because they believe WF is the norm or maybe it's because WF permits more backing and they believe that's desirable. Anyway, that's the answer.


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I was talking with Bjorn at the Fly Fisher the other day about a related matter, and we both lamented the fading technology that is the double taper fly line. We both agreed we kind of like double taper lines for a lot of the fishing we do, and it makes us sad that we have to Frankenstein multiple, fancy, expensive, compact shooting heads to make them achieve what we used to get from a single DT line.

So yeah, in today's terms, assume WF... and expensive.
If you look at the new lines, you see that they are making it easier for novice fly fishers to enjoy the sport. That's not always bad. Those who know about double tapered lines still understand the value but for that novice, a WF line helps them become more proficient faster. You can't fault a company for not wanting more avid users, faster. I still have double taper lines but don't use them often though I have them spooled in case I want to use them.

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just wind the line on backwards on your spool and fill it up with backing, then unwind it and put it on backing first.....works every time......

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