Sage reintroducing the Light Line series


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I have a vintage 590-2 LL that I used to fish with often. Was my favorite still water rod for fishing full sink lines vertically. Pretty sure an $800 Trout LL won’t be needed in my quiver but I suppose Sage and their reps need to keep up their Ferrari payments :rolleyes:

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I never ever paid over $210.00 for any fly rod. I bought a GL3 9' 5wt about 25 0r 30 years ago, Told myself not to pay anymore than that for any rod. I haven't since. I could never afford a Sage rod, But I traded for a DS2 about 20 years ago. And today if I was still working I still wouldn't buy a $800.00 rod. I have about 7 rods that I use. winter and spring. All below my set price.

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