NFR What is a favorite Non-Fish animal species that fascinates you?

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What is one of your favorite non-Fish animal species ? We are lucky enough to have some pretty neat creatures locally in the NW, but there are some really crazy creatures in the world!

I have recently been fascinated by a BIG weird prehistoric looking bird. An African Shoebill Stork. 5 feet tall, up to an 8 1/2 foot wingspan !

5000-8000 bird total population, the Egyptians represented them in artwork.

Even a Condor looks at them and wonders..

The duck below was ok and just "moved" by the Shoebill Stork

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This bird has the look of Don't fuck with me.


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I'm with Randall. Snakes have always fascinated me.
I like scorpions, too. Have always caught them when since I was a kid and kept them as pets. You go out to rock pile on a southern slope around here at night with a black light, and they're EVERYWHERE.
Solifuges are neat, but I only see them once in awhile.
When our daughter was in fourth grade we found a scorpion in the backyard and kept it as a “pet”. My Japanese mother in law really didn’t like it and every time she’d phone us there was worry about the dangerous pet ;-)

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