NFR What is a favorite Non-Fish animal species that fascinates you?


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I'm a pretty big fan of these guys....

and of course, our current resident, "Slither" who comes in at a 'young' 21 years old.
Snakes! Mother fucking snakes.. not for me!

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I'm with Samuel Jackson on this one...


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I had a guy come into work, looking for Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout.. without missing a beat, I said, I love that beer! It's got everything a growing boy needs, peanut butter and beaver! Luckily he didn't take offense, I shouldn't have said that, but got a good read on him and get strange requests or comments at times! Gotta make it fun, we sell booze, wine and beer!


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My favorite creatures in the wild are otters, they are cool, then penguins. But how could these two not be the best, love DOGS. 20200321_101111.jpg


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Eagles and humming birds! Any raptor really! And dogs, really all dogs! Some cats are okay, my friends cat Shadow if a bad ass! He kicks ass and takes names! We call him Death Eater!!

And cougars! But not the ones in the woods, the ones in downtown Kirkland and all over the greater Seattle area! I'm actually older than them now, but that's fine... I'll chase the cougars in there 30's!!
Along the river I like seeing water ouzels.....watching them bob around and walk under a the water, etc. Nifty little birds in my opinion.
Have you heard their call? I was told that they sing only when the temperature is below freezing, which is my experience with them on coastal rivers.

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My elderly Mom first called my attention to a water ouzel (aka American Dipper) on a hike I took her on a year or so before she passed. They'll always remind me of her and the big smile she had on her face all that day as she remembered hiking with Grandma as a little girl because that's all they could afford to do after her Dad passed away.

I've often had Dippers stay within several feet of me for quite a ways as I've moved up/down several different streams. Cute and funny to watch their antics.


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I've become infatuated with dragons over the last couple of years, ever since I noticed a perched meadowhawk turning its head to follow my movements.

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Anything wild, except maybe yellow jackets. Those things are straight from hell.

I've seen a lot of elk out fishing. I'm always amazed by how something so large is so peaceful, graceful, and hard to spot in the woods. I've walked up on and spooked a good-sized herd more than once. Crazy how close I have gotten without realizing they are there. It's usually the moment one of the cows spooks that you realize they're there. For a few seconds, the woods come to life all around you. Before you can collect yourself and get a decent picture, they've all disappeared into the woods again... all except that big bull who stays behind a moment to make sure you don't get any notions of following. Awesome every time.

I've learned this year just how well moving elk hide their numbers. I came across a herd on the Queets last week. Probably 50 head or so. The trail was very muddy, and you could see where the elk had been moving. Where they moved off after I spooked them, it looked like only a handful had been there.

Incidentally, if you're like me and the non-piscatorial wildlife is a big part of what you like about fishing, ONP is world class.


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Back in VT is often see mink fishing near me, swimming and diving like otters. I don't know if they were actually catching fish, or just the numerous crayfish they'd leave piled on the rocks. I loved seeing those little guys!

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