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Mike Ediger

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A 4wt is my favorite fly rod, and the one I use the most often. For that reason I have owned or built probably a dozen different models. Some I have loved and still have, a few I have loved and sold for no reason, a few didn't get an honest chance but moved on anyway, and a few I didn't connect with. The point is I am always on the hunt for the perfect 4wt. On the advice of @tonemike I made the leap into glass by ordering a Kabuto 7'6" 4wt 3pc, unpainted, directly from the builder. He was very easy to work with even in a different country, incredibly responsive, answered any questions, and let me know when to expect the rod and when it was shipped. For components I chose Snake Brand Dark Nickle Universal guides, Lemke LC7 reel seat in dark nickle, buckeye burl spacer, and snub nose grip. While I now regret the thread choice (just wish I would have stayed consistent with one color) I put light gray on the guides, and dark gray on ferrules, hook keeper, and 18" mark.
It is not my best build, as it has been a couple years and wrapping on unsanded glass blank is much harder to pack and burnish the wraps than smooth graphite. It just didn't come out as clean as I had hoped.
In selecting a glass blank, I really struggled in not knowing what to expect. I wanted a small creek versatile 4wt that could do it all (drys, dry-dropper, sculpin, etc). I didn't want a wimpy noodle, and all the glass rods I have fished with seemed heavy and sluggish to me. But I wanted a flexible rod that would be a joy to catch cutties, where an 18" fish is a trophy.
To my surprise,this rod is very light, fast, yet full-flexing. It is not a noodle, but in casting and fighting fish you can feel it flex deep into the rod. It just isn't what I expected a glass rod to feel like. I was using an SA Amplitude MPX 4wt line, and I can cast anything I want about as far as I need to on the streams I will use it on. I have cast a scuplin, a Chernobyl with dropper, and a parachute adams all 30+ feet with precision (though not all at the same time:rolleyes:). I fished it all day and loved it more and more as the day went on. It truly is the most enjoyable and versatile 4wt I have ever fished. Thanks for a great recommendation @tonemike and to everyone else who gave suggestions along the way. I still need to write the pertinent information on the rod, and I’m even thinking of finding somebody who can write Kabs name in his traditional style. But that’ll happen.


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I just saw this post. I’m so glad you liked dealing with Kab. He’s a fine craftsman and gentleman. His rods are excellent all-arounders for sure! I’ve only cast his 5wt rods, but I’ve only heard good things about the 4wts. Good glass is really versatile. I bet that Kabuto rod of yours is a roll casting machine. I just took my 7’9” 3/4wt Steffen out on the Coeur d’alene Last weekend (as I had a conference at the resort there on the lake) and it was a blast!! I managed to get this Steffen Bros rod off a guy on fiberglass flyrodders. Hope that sweet Kabuto serves you well!


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Mike Ediger

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@tonemike sorry for not responding. You should give it a shot. Wrapping a rod is much easier than it looks. Having said that I don’t use any kind of jig or roller. Just put my wrapping thread in a fly tying bobbin, turn it upside down stick it in the base of my fly tying vise and that’s all the pressure I need.

I do love this rod. I’m done fishing for the year due to an injury, but if you’re ever over this way again let me know. I’d love to try and meet you on the water.


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That's an awesome fly rod....I've got an 8' 5wt (3pc) and a 7' 3wt (3pc) that Kab built for me.....and I have similar fuzzy feelings towards those rods....he does an awesome job and he's great to deal with....thnks for the post


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Mike Ediger

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That's an awesome fly rod....I've got an 8' 5wt (3pc) and a 7' 3wt (3pc) that Kab built for me.....and I have similar fuzzy feelings towards those rods....he does an awesome job and he's great to deal with....thnks for the post
Wow! Nice fish as well!


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It's sad that most can't understand the feelings a person can develop for a Fly Rod you truly enjoy using. And some you wish you had never seen,,,,

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