ultralight fly rod recomendations


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I am getting back into Pan fishing and was thinking of getting an Ultralight rod, maybe a 2 wt.
Any suggestions/thoughts of rod choice?
Not looking to spend the grandkids' inheritance, so the price is a consideration.
Also, not interested in fast action rods, seem to be a lot of those out there.
Appreciate any advice offered.

Jim Ficklin

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Cabelas is the most reasonably-priced, but my favorite 2 weight is an Orvis Superfine followed by a shorter 2 weight made by & purchased from a WFF forum member.


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You could look at a used fiberglass rod, they tend to be softer which is fun for the panfish but also have the utility to throw your existing 5 or 6 weight lines.

If you're set on a lighter weight stick, I absolutely love my Echo Carbon 2 wt. The original Carbon line didn't get much love and not sure about the XLs Echo puts out now but they were a more moderate action rod and the little 2 wt of the series is surprisingly capable. Also small/light enough for the grand kids to use...


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I've been using a Redington CT 7.5 3wt for panfish for years, handles the small bass you come across as well. Fun rod, and not fast


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All these rods have their merits, but I would like to suggest another. I have the Cabelas Prime 6' 3wt. Cool little one piece fiberglass rod, that flexes deep into the cork. Like the CGR, but without all the hassle of ferrules.


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I have a 2wt echo boost.... while it is fast (in comparison to other 2wts) it’s still a 2wt and a total blast with bluegill, crappie and mountain trout. But it has enough balls to still be fishable in a little wind or throw a small foam dry fly. Other 2wts I’ve thrown crumpled in such times. It is an awesome little rod I’m very happy with that purchase. Super practical and very capable little rod. I paired it with an echo base reel and a 2wt airflo super dry elite and it’s a sweet little combo for the price.

David Loy

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I’ve got a 6’ 2/3 Steffen (glass) not seeing much use. I’d only sell it with the matching Sage Click though. Not interested in splitting it up, or giving it away. Fun little rig.



Get the 3/4. Fish. Smile. Buy another one.


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Go with glass, can't go wrong. I fish two glass ugly stick rods they quit making in the early 90's. It's labeled as an 8wt but my line set is only 175 grain like a 4wt. I use it for catching the dinkiest of dinkers to Kings and steel. wish I could find 2 more

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