Summer streamers...... while euro nymphing


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I was just doing some more research about euro nymphing techniques and I a few people mention using streamers with a euro nymph setup. I'm curious, how many people have tried this? Have you added it to your arsenal for an effective way to fish with streamers? What are some popular streamers you all like to use to target trout? Fishing techniques with the streamer on a euro nymph setup? Pros...cons... lets hear it!


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My nephew bounces streamers off the bottom using a small strike indicator. He used to do the same with the old "garden hackle" but now he says he is fly fishing. He catches some BIG browns on the Weber and Provo rivers in Utah. Last week he got some good action on section 3 of the Green below Flaming gorge using Buggers and Pupatators. Just a bug some split shot and indicator....


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Lots of folks don't know the traditional way to fish a streamer, which is actually more of a controlled drift presentation (sort of like euro nymphing?) than the strip presentations we often use these days. When you're doing it right, the fly should weave in and out of sneaky cover spots behind boulders and such, playing on the fish's ambush instinct. I think this is why the straight downstream retrieve presentation works so well. One second, there's nothing there, then, all of a sudden, a big bite bolts by. Not much time to think.... Chow time!


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We've always called using nymph-like presentations with streamers as "strymphing". Can be effective early season when the water is cold and the trout aren't chasing - but still eating. Funny, I mentioned "strymphing" to a guy in a MT fly shop earlier this year. He had never heard the term before and said, "Do you mind if I use that?" I laughed and told him it was't my term. I probably picked it up from a magazine article many years ago.


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Above is the first of a video series, on this topic. There's only two videos so far, but this series should be really good.
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I have used that pattern in olive and black with good success. Also tied with orange bead for an egg sucking leach pattern.


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Troutbitten is getting some love I see. I highly recommend Dom Swentosky's stuff on Troutbitten. Dudes a total joneser, and he's got a pretty entertaining style of writing.

I always carry a section of straight 2x with a sculpin on the end of it, wrapped on a foam disk, in my sling. Switch out my nymphs in less than a minute, now I'm bouncing a streamer.....swinging it, whatever. Works great


I use them and it works. Thinly tied rabbit or squirrel strips, or just about any sparsely tied streamer with a tungsten bead will work. Fish on a slow tightline swing just like the nymphs and add that twitch at the end. I especially like a weighted streamer as the dropper and a small nymph like a prince or brassie (or even a yarn egg) as the point fly. I think some fish are attracted to the streamer but end up taking the point fly instead.


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Works great. A size 8 sculpzilla is a very effective euro fly. I caught a very nice cutty with this method late last week in a nondescript pocket on the SF Snake.

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