Swap Shhhh! Carp Fly swap

Flies are ready to be mailed in the morning. Final tab, five tiers. Each of you sent fourteen files so each will get fourteen back. Ten flies of the original swap. Some will be duplicates plus some I threw in (bunny leeches the will work for both carp and trout). Mr.P's are the unlabled chartruse and black wooleys and orange soft hackle ones and Vancouver's are the black with crystal flash and white with crystal flash ones. Great looking bugs. Carp are still to be had from what our local shop owner is saying. If anyone is schooled in posting pictures to the gallery please do so. I haven't figured out how yet. Thanks guys. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Thanks everyone for following through; I'm also looking forward to trying these new patterns. Thanks FD for organizing this.


Lucky if I get out anymore!
Wow, my first fly swap is out of the way - guess you could say I'm no longer a virgin. There were some excellent tyers in the bunch and I'm excited to get out and try my new arsenal. Thanks to everyone!

Here's a picture of a lean one I hooked with my black maribou pattern - the day before I got my fly swap package.

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