FS Barbour - Lightweight Wading Jacket. Medium. Excellent Condition.


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Classic Barbour waterproof and breathable wading jacket that is highly functional with just enough features to comfortably carry what you need on the water. Very importantly - NO WAXING. As much I love my original Barbour Spey, I had to face it... the repeated waxing upkeep started preventing me from wearing it too often. Of course there is a bit of "mojo" in the original Spey but it certainly comes with a bit of maintenance.

While this lightweight jacket works very well for warmer weather (night and day compared to the original Spey), I assure you with the right layering, it can handle some seriously cold steelhead weather as it did for me during a trip to the Great Lakes tribs in December. It has a wonderfully designed adjustable brim hood system that is not only detachable but also hidable. In fact when hidden, everything comes together to result in a very nice soft collar. In addition to the pockets, this ideal shorter length jacket is built with an interior adjustable protective "skirt". I don't recall when was the last time I've seen this feature in a wading jacket. The sleeves also come with an interior snap system to deter excessive water from entering (you'll still get a little wet).

I wore the jacket about 6 times total but it got a little too big for me as I lost some weight. For frame of reference, I am 6' and 170lbs. After the last use, the jacket was washed and stored for numerous years. But like any garment that has been stored for some time, I recommend to wash it before use.

One final thought... the "big brands", e.g., Simms, Patagonia, Filson, etc., undoubtedly make great jackets but there is still something just a little iconic about wearing a Barbour wading jacket out on the water.

Price: $US 215. Paypal is fine. Free Shipping in the CONUS. Other regions on a case by case basis.


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