Moth ID?


Wild Trout
Western coastal Washington State. Anyone know? Interesting backyard moth today. Fairly large, 1.25+ inches. I went through the visual guides online, PNW Moths, and could not find a match easily. I find it difficult because the photo plates show the wings in flight and all I see are resting moths showing their forewings only (?) so, I have to wrap my head around the wing pattern being separated and not adjacent.

I know this really does not relate to fly fishing much, perhaps moth play some role as terrestrials.
If moths are a no-no here, let me know.

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Wild Trout
Couple years back, I had a fine Polymorphous Moth, too! I was hoping it would die so I could frame it..I mean die of natural causes after a good life : )

If I read correctly, they are an adult for a couple of weeks and do actually die soon. I looked out for him for a week or so. No sign. Amazing !

I have a small owl that comes to the outside light by a sliding glass window and grabs moths, this one would be more than a mouthful.



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