Trip Report Fishing on the 4th of July

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For the last 20 years the usual group comes over for celebration of the 4th of July. It is about fishing, then a delicious BBQ and fireworks to cap the evening off. This year was no different. It is all about relaxation and memories.... Lots of kids learned how to fish here. A few years ago 4 of us each had a fish on at the same time. All the trout were bigger than 20 inches. One of the fathers was trying to explain to his kids this was not normal... True ---> except for this suburban lake located in the the Southern part of a county in Western Washington.

Three of us take the short hike to the lake. I already had the boat and equipment setup and ready to go. Rods were setup with long sink tip or immediate lines and damsel nymphs. To our surprise no one else was fishing or even on the water. Had the whole lake to ourselves! We went out fishing but it was slow. Probably because it was mid-afternoon on a sunny day. Between 3 of us we landed 11 trout all over 16" in less than 2 hours. All were very healthy and fat ---> probably the nicest trout we have caught here. Many more missed on either LDR or missing the set. Time to get back in and have my friends daughter go fishing. She was part of a introduction to fly fishing class last fall that was put on by a fly fishing club near Issaquah. She was stoked. The class had given her waders, boots, and a fly rod and reel. She looked great ---> Swimmy would of been proud of her attire. Within 15 minutes - fish on! She was taught well. She landed a 20+ inch fish all by herself. It was her first fish ever. Another memory created :) . We stayed out for a little while longer and she caught three more nice ones. She is a fishing machine....

Time to go back in and get ready for dinner.

Sorry no pictures - do not want to hotspot the lake with the GPS coordinates.
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