FS Orvis Helios 9' 6# 3D

Listing this rod for a friend. Lightly fished, maybe 10-15 days but not a new rod. Photos show condition and I can take some more. $550 usd shipped to lower 48. Coming out of canada so can also ship within Canada. Will ship anywhere, but will need to figure out shipping rates. Comes with original sock and rod tube. Happy to answer questions or connect you with the owner. DSC_0371.jpg DSC_0372.jpg DSC_0373.jpg
Nick, knowing you fish both, how does it compare to the Scott Meridian 6wt? I’m curious to try one, and interested in this one at this price, but don’t want to drive to Bellevue to test cast.

Totally different animal. The 3D is a fast rod but loads much deeper into the blank, and really wants to be loaded well. Not a rod that you want to over power with your stroke. I had to adjust a bit when I first started fishing them, but once I relaxed just a bit and really let the rod load up it became a joy to cast. Its MUCH lighter in hand than the Meridian which took a little getting used to. To me I feel the Meridian is more powerful and handles an aggressive casting stroke better, but the 3D feels more accurate in my hands. It just seems to place a fly wherever I am looking.

The 3D is amazingly light, and while it doesn't initially feel like it it has plenty of backbone when fighting fish. I think for heavier flies, bigger fish, wind, and really punching aggressively for distance I still prefer the Meridian but for everything else the 3D gets the nod, and its not like it fails in wind/heavy flies/bigger fish stuff, but I would give the Meridian a slight edge there.

I'll have some on the boat next month you can try out.

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