Article Sportsman's Warehouse fluorocarbon tippet


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The 30 yard spools under their label (Lost Creek) are $5.00 cheaper then the major brands yet the specs are the same. Has anybody tried this brand?


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I've been using it for stillwater and it seems fine.
Probably frowned on but I did an in store limp test, by stringing out about 16 inches of it and one of the major brands and holding the spools horizontal, any difference in hang down between the two was slight.
That said, I'm not sure about break strength and am a little hesitant to do any in store testing.:D


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this last year, I bought a spool of fluoro from the general trout/fishing line section at Outdoor Emporium. I figured for an extra $6.00 I was getting something like 150 yds.
if the trout don't mind (and its seems they don't) - I don't.
I figured the line will get old and fail at sometime in my life. I'll deal with it then - as I am with myself!

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