South Colorado mountain roadtrip

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I've set a trip for my wife and I to explore the Southern Colorado Rockies in mid September. Were going to spend a few days in the Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray area. I'm hoping to get out on the Cimmeron, Gunnision or San Miguel. Anyone have any Fall fishing experience down in that area? Any fly shop recommendations? We'll probably do a guided day if things are looking good.

Before any panties bunch I don't need specific honey hole info and I know how to follow the blue squiggly lines. For this trip i'll follow them in a convertible Mustang


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I would also recommend Duranglers. Top notch fly shop. I took a guided trip with them last fall on the San Juan and the fishing was outstanding. I couldn't believe the number of large fish in the river.....


if you're in T-ride fish the San Miguel below Placerville. Plenty of public water along Hwy 145 towards Norwood. No need for guide. Standard attractor patterns for dries and nymphs.


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I like your trip timing. My wife and I just returned from Vail where we dropped down and fished the Eagle River for a couple days. The water is very high yet, and the only option was high stick nymphing close to the bank. PMDs were trying, but with 47* water, they weren't having much success, and trout weren't rising.


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Timing is off on everything this year with the massive snowfall this winter. By mid September most rivers will be pretty low and floating can be tough. The silt from the 416 fire killed off 90% of the Animas fish (says CPW). They are aggressively stocking but time will tell for this year. Animas is just getting to fishable levels but still high. The upper Animas (Silverton to Durango) is not a great fishery but for sure do the train. I'd shuttle up and take the train back one way as both ways is a very long day. San Juan thru Pagosa is fishing well now but will likely be a trickle by mid Sept. You can always bounce down and fish the quality water below Navajo Dam tho. Lots of public access on the Rio Grande from Creede to South Fork and a great fishery. Gunnison is a good bet as flow is regulated. Generally by mid Sept we are hiking up in the high country and fishing creeks and Alpine lakes. Limitless options and the fishing, although great, is a bonus to the views. Altitude sickness is no joke. Spend at least a couple days just being tourists before you venture into the mountains and stop at WalMart and pick up a couple portable oxygen cans- can make the difference between an enjoyable or miserable day for some. The biggest issue (outside of high country hiking/fishing) is finding public access that hasn't been hammered. Your timing is great to be here. Fall in the San Juans is amazing. Aspens should be starting to show color and nights will be cold with mild sunny days. Enjoy! Feel free to PM me as well.
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