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Do u think a clouser tied with super hair will work better 4 smallmouth bass than a regular clouser? Thanks, Mike w
Mike - Did this "super hair" come into your possession from the fly club? If so, you might donate it back to some other poor suspecting soul and use more traditional materials. If I'm wrong about the source, ignore this note.

Super Hair glimmers in the water, if it's what I think it is. I have used it for flies for several years and don't notice much difference between it and other materials. I've tied Clousers from lots of different stuff, including Super Hair. I haven't used it in a while but as I remember, you have to tie it down pretty tightly to get a small flair. It's pretty bulky so I always finished the heads with epoxy, as well.
Bill, next year. Will b happy 2 go with a pro. Bring ur pics 2 the next meeting. Had 2 visit Kelly creek and next week am going 2 the ronde 4 smallies. And 2 weddings and a funeral. Mike w

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Try mixing the super hair with some bucktail fibers. If you tie in with bucktail the thread will crush into the hair a little and that will help bind the super hair in place. This can also provide some flair to the material. Set the bucktail fibers on the hook first. Then add the super hair. Or mix the two together. I use a 75% bucktail 25% super hair mix.

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