bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Ok who felt it, about 2:45am, i just happend to wake up about 15min before and was reading an Email when I heard the rumble comming from the east then the shaking. looks like I lost a shot glass!
An after shock about ten minuts later.


The New Fly Fisherman
I felt it. It woke me up from the shaking and my house frame popping. Only lasted a few seconds. Magnitude 4.7 and 6 km deep.

Update: Magnitude 4.6 and 22 km deep.

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Jim Ficklin

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Maybe that's what awakened my dog here, although I felt or sensed nothing. Hank did convince me to get up & look outside however. I'm glad it wasn't any worse for you west side friends.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
There was a lesser-magnitude quake near Royal City at 0348 this morning.

Maybe because it is Friday and I'm going fishing but my coffee is extra good this morning.
Enjoy your coffee & have fun fishing. I'll be surrounded by <some> screaming kids who don't like water at my Grandson's swimming lessons this morning. On the plus side, Easton loves that wet stuff!

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