Cabela’s fly rods. Warranty’s,, why buy one ?


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Hello. I just experienced a big go around with Cabela’s
I have owned a few Cabela’s branded rods over the yrs. ,, I happen to like their mtx..and pt..
Anyway I have a atoll.. 300 rod. Bought it on sale 200. Last winter. Used it. And it snapped .
Being told only had a 90 warranty... and they dont repair them. Used to be lifetime
Why would anyone buy one of their higher end rods ?? When you can buy a tfo,,or Redington..mid priced rod with a better warranty?.
Finally this is only the second rod I’ve broken in 45 yrs. so I’m not one to break rods


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Good to know.
Sorry about your rod.
Found this
Cabela’s used to offer a lifetime guarantee on all Cabela’s brand products. Meaning, if you purchased a Cabela’s brand fishing rod and it broke or malfunctioned under normal wear and tear, you could return it for a new one at no charge. But, after Cabela’s was bought by Bass Pro Shops in 2017, it discontinued this store policy, store associates said. A corporate customer service representative confirmed this information. However, as of press time, if you purchased an item under Cabela’s lifetime warranty and need to make a return, Cabela’s will honor it one time only on a given product, customer service representatives said."
I bought a Fenwick fly rod in early 1960's, before rods were standardized as 5wt, 6 wt etc. The rod broke in 1988 or 89. Fenwick had new owners a number of times since I bought the rod. I sent the rod, they sent me a new 6wt and the old rod, with a nice note mentioning the experiences I must have had using it. I person I knew about that time h


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I take a different angle on this. "Great" warranties are baked into the price. In other words, when you buy a $900 rod from Sage, you're paying for at least a couple replacements before you even break the first one. It's kind of like buying insurance. Really expensive insurance.

With cheapies, you get exactly what you pay for, and nothing more. Many times, that appeals to me. Hard to get too upset about breaking a $50 rod/reel combo.

Mid-priced rods are in a weird spot, and I've experienced differing qualities of warranty service in that range. I suppose it's to be expected.


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I agree with shad. 90 days or a yr. on the sub 150 rods

I would warranty their 200 plus rods. The atoll is a nice rod but for 300.00 no warranty ..I would grab a new top line Redington,st croix. Fenwick ,,tfo
We are close to LL bean. ..growing up that was our outfitter. ,,good quality,,
Then they went the junk route. Ruined their brand.
I stopped shopping at Cabela’s after Bass Pro came into the picture, cancelled my credit card and all. Cabela’s had great self branded gear, Bass Pro branded gear is shit. Once bought a pair of $100 felt boots (all they had in my size and nowhere else to go) seriously fell apart first day on the rover with broken lace loops and compeletely delaminated souls.
Bass Pro absolutely sucks and has really brought on the demise of Cabelas. As stated earlier, their brand stuff was always great, now it is $hit.
Bass Pro absolutely sucks and has really brought on the demise of Cabelas. As stated earlier, their brand stuff was always great, now it is $hit.
When I walked into Cabela's Olympia outlet I couldn't help thinking, I've never seen so much over priced imported crap before. Yakima is the same. A friend had a problem with a brand new rifle, and could not get any help from Cabela's where he bought the rifle a day or two earlier. So much for customer service.

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