A Useless Fishing Report


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A useless fishing report for OMJ.

Went exploring little blue lines with my Dad.

A couple of hours down a pothole filled dirt road ended where the road was completely washed out. No more driving. My dad is 80, his heart is bad, his knees are shot and his hips are gone. It's hard for him to get anywhere, but he is also all heart and a man of steel. And he really wanted to catch a trout. :) He decided he was up for the hike, even without knowing what might await.

A mile later (all downhill) we found ourselves here:



Dad saw a weasel swimming in the stream, we both saw some really beautiful ducks, a bunch of elk, deer and bear sign. For whoever it was that asked what was so great about wet wading in an earlier thread.... here's my Dad, in his happy place.


We did not catch anything, did not even get 1 bite, but I will never forget this smile on my dads face as he found his Happy Place.

He made the hike out, all uphill, but he paid the price. Even then, he wore his smile all the way home. I sure would love to get him into some nice trout some day.
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Those jeans though



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Fishing reports like this are a big reason why I frequent this site so often. But I would like to say that this post revoked more emotion (in me) than any other. Thank you ..very much.

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Those pictures of that skinny water looks like any small skinny water on the wet side of the State. I've fish numerous stream that look just like these pictures.


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What a great story. With even a better ending. Myself, having one bad hip needing replacement, I can only imagine the pain your dad-e-o experienced hiking down a mile and back out with TWO bad hips, and TWO bad knees! Top off that, hiking out with wet socks and shoes.......that is a prime recipe for blisters! And your pops did it with a smile, that is true Grit.

It was my Pops 82nd B-day yesterday. I want to thank you for sharing.

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