WFF (nfr) Wff Hats!

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Chris Scoones

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WFF hats! (In stock again)

All hat orders outstanding were shipping yesterday. You should receive your hat by today or tomorrow if you're within WA.

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
WFF hats! (In stock again)


Any info on the shirts? I got my baseball hat a while back and have abused the crap out of it already. I'm going to get a beanie when santa comes around.

p.s. All the guys out here in New Hampshire love the hat.

John Hicks


How do you do this?
WFF hats! (In stock again)

And here I was going to get a hat. Now that JC has one, I'llhave to weight for the shirt.

we'll see what the folks in Mass say.
WFF hats! (In stock again)

Hello, Chris
I don't see a cold weather beanie jpg on the webpage. Is it like the simms coldweather beanie that covers the ears especially the earlobes?

Tightlines!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
WFF hats! (In stock again)

Sorry my mistake i see the cold weather beanies but can't see if it does cover the earlobes? The Beanie jpeg shows the colours but not the whole hat and what the design is like. Thanks.
WFF hats! (In stock again)

My beanie does not cover my ears, though I wish it does. bawling:

You will be fine if your head ain't as big as mine, just call me the jolly green giant!
Hi Chris and everyone.
I've moved to NZ a couple months ago and enjoying with brownie here.
But I still love fishing in Washington because there are many kinds....
Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, Steelhead, Dolly, Salmon, Brook.....
I hope to wear this hat in NZ if possible.
Is it possible to ship to NZ???


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Hi Chris

just ordered a beanie...I had to redo my paypal account because it has been a while since I used it....forgot password. just want to confirm order whenever you get a chance.
bart aka porter
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