Shutter speed for fly casts


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Curious to hear what's the minimum shutter speed you'd use for capturing big (i.e. fast line speed) spey casts?


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Be sure you know if you are using a mechanical shutter or an electronic shutter, and know about rolling shutter distortion.

Nick Clayton

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You're gonna need to use the widest lense you can find to capture those long distance lasers you'll be throwing.


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It is dependent on your focal length. I've captured spey casts with shutter speeds as low as 1/400th of a second with a 24mm focal length. I don't know of a formula, but multiply your focal length by twenty to get your min shutter speed seems reasonable enough. eg 24mm X 20 = 1/480th sec minimum. As far as focal length, a 15-35mm range should be fine for most spray poles and lines. However keep in mind that sometimes a little motion blur will help an image pop more than just outright freezing the motion.

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