Flies you keep on your patch simply for street cred


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
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Appearance is everything. So what patterns are a must to show off to any passerby that you know what's up?

I'll start:

Chubby - probably the single most important fly when judging or being judged
Hare's ear - soft hackle for extra cred
any articulated streamer - low profile leach patterns are probably your best bet but streamers with heads made from spun deer are also in the conversation. Gotta be home ties though.

Another tip, only show them off if they look used. If they are new spit on 'em, rub with dirt, or leave in the sun for a few days to fade. This way there is no doubt that you not only fish but fish hard.

Whatcha got?


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If it's not well chewn and on your hat it didn't happen...... note hat must been well worn and the brim stained to count.....


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well used either summer or winter steelhead fly, preferably tied with polar bear just to keep things interesting.

Jim B

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Summer steelhead: Undertaker, Dec Hogan muddler, black and blue spey
Winter steelhead: Orange-butt Akroyd, blue-butt Akroyd, red and black marabou "spey"

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