Flies you keep on your patch simply for street cred


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On my Max Catch hat (Oops just lost all street cred) I have the flies that aren’t working. The more flies the worse fishing is.
Or more likely I’ve just been lazy!

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I hate patches of foam and lambs wool...shoulder slung pouch with too many fly boxes and stuff inside...which i have been known to leave on the bank and forget only to have to start tying all over again...Quit wearing vest years ago...those ounces add up and by

Riogrande King

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The chewed up flies (kebari) on my hat tell a story. The story behind a chewed B-Bug doesn't need to be entirely accurate, right?
IF the Bunyan Bug had remained recognizable after being Lab mangled I would have kept repping it on my hat. Mainly because no one in living memory has actually caught a fish on one. You need a tarpon taper to turn over those things.
I've since seen replicas of the originals sold in a couple of shops. Recollection is that they wanted something like $20/per. Too much for A River Runs Through it cosplay.

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