dry falls launch

greetings. this is my first post. i have a 14' aluminum drift boat on a trailer and i would like to fish dry falls lake, park lake and lake lenore the weekend of sept 21. can i launch my boat (by myself) at dry falls? i've heard conflicting reports.

are there any local fly shops i should call or stop by on my way for a timely fishing report?

thanks for your help

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I don't consider the access to Dry Falls a "launch" but rather an access point. If you can drag the boat a ways, 25-30 yards, you can get it into the water. Fishing may be tough over there right now do to the water temps.

Try Creekside in Issaquah or Worley Bugger in Ellensburg.
I launch my 16' Lavro at Drey Falls all the time, and I often see other drift boats on the lake. Granted, I haven't bee in a year or so, but I doubt it's changed that much. I'm sure there's a developed launch at Park, and there are a number of places at Lenore where you'll be able to launch.

Sept 21 ahould be just about the time it's starting to get good again. Depending on the weather between now and then, it might be a shade early, but I'm sure there'll be fishing. And it could be great if we have a cool September.

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