Discontinued Ultra Wire Colors

Wapsi Ultra Wire is the ribbing material for a lot of the chironomids I tie. Looking over the 2019 Wapsi catalogue this morning and comparing to 2018, there's a number colours that are no longer available in extra-small. Gone is amber, blue metallic, brown, copper brown, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, ginger, golden olive, grey, hot orange, hot yellow, olive, pink, rust, tan, white and wine metallic.

Only nine colours now come in extra-small. Products come and go so it's always good to buy lots of what you like as it may soon be gone forever.
i never thought every color ultra wire came in every size or maybe not every shop carried every color every size

ok. have you looked at some of the semperfli tying wire? or hends?

all available in USA
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Over time, a number of items I once purchased for fly tying have suddenly disappeared from the market. Sometimes I think I must have been the only guy buying the product and that wasn't enough to justify keep it in the catalog.

During the ol' days, part of my routine when driving to and from the Metolius was to stop at a Dairy Queen in Sweet Home and order a chocolate soda. This usually confused the young'ns at the window as they'd never heard of such a thing.

Finally, one day I stopped for my chocolate soda and was told that they no longer offered them because just one guy was ordering the drink! Sometimes I think that is the case when it comes to disappearing fly tying materials.
UTC never made every colour in all 5 sizes - extra-small, small, brassie, medium and large - but to see olive and brown gone to me is surprising. I have a few Semperfli colours I ordered through the mail. In Canada Semperfli and Hends are tough to find in shops.


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That is the two colors that surprised me.


I have to say your response about the chocolate soda made me laugh out loud.


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Squamish, try running a length of copper wire thru a hot flame, like a propane torch or a gas stove burner. You will get some interesting brown tones and the wire will flex easily - once, then it will get stiff again.
i bought some parawire and their 34 gauge is equivalent to brassie size ultra wire @ .009 thousandths
if you buy be aware that some spools a 200 feet and some are 300 feet. thats still a lot of flies

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