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This is new. Our dealership in Corvallis and others in the same street are in lock down because there was an active shooter a few blocks away at a Foster Farms processing plant.

Evidently the guy is still at large... which means to me the cops showed up after he left the building. So we don't know if he jumped in a car and is a hundred miles away by now or if he wandering around with a gun.

We don't see a lot of police presence in this area of town so it could end up as one of those much adu about nothing.

Certainly has put a damper on things as far as business goes.
Sad and scary. I spent the summer of 74 working in Corvallis on the OSU athletic fields. Really liked the town, stayed in an old hotel downtown for $7/night. Don’t remember much except for playing pool until the bars closed, my foreman was so good we drank for free most nights.
Hope it works out for all.


That's that. They told us we're no longer in lock down. Now... all we need to do is find out what the devil happened! I haven't heard that anyone was shot during all this so it could be a mountain built out of a ant hill.
I saw the same thing on Oahu. They shut off the main road going around the island at Kualoa Ranch. Seven swat command centers were set up. Traffic was shut off and nothing moved for four or five hours. Turns out it was a hunter carrying his rifle into his house. hope your lock down wasn't a hoax.....


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Perp was a chickenshit hiding out in the women's bathroom at the chicken ranch. Had an accidental discharge in there?


When everything was said and done and many different news agencies ran stories, there was some differences as to their interpretation as to what happened.

The only event they agree on is that the confab started when Mr Crazy Guy ran into another car on 9th street (a half block away from where he worked at Foster Farms as a temp) and didn't stop but instead drove the rest of the way to the plant.

This is where it gets confusing, the guy, for whatever reason, has a handgun with him when he goes to work. Then, for some strange reason, he goes into the women's restroom and fires one or two shots (also murky) into the ceiling.... not at anyone, just into the ceiling.

One report indicates a female employee was in the restroom while another one indicates she was in an office next to the restroom and heard the shots.

The guy leaves the women's restroom and goes into an office and hides his handgun in the drawer of a desk (or so the story goes).

By now, the cops are everywhere (originally called for the hit and run) and his fellow employees all escaped out a back door -- not that he was shooting at anyone.

Then he goes out the front door and surrenders to the swat team someone had called.

Now he's in jail. No one was hurt. No one was shot at but he did shoot into the ceiling (who knows why?) But he did leave the scene of an auto accident so they have him on hit and run as his most serious charge.

They raided his apartment and found an AR15 and a number of rounds of ammo but none of that came into play when he wigged out at Foster Farms.

Ya got me. Seems like the guy has some drug and/or mental problems and didn't really have anything specific planned.

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