Trip Report Swinging for kings (I mean pikeminnow?!?!)

I have been fly fishing for a little while (mostly trout). However, I just started my endeavor to catch chinook on a fly last year. This morning I went out to Chelan Falls to see if I could find any. Used a Suskwa Poacher (I think?) and my 8wt 13 foot spey. Found the fastest water I could in the mostly still-ish Chelan Falls area that's open. Ended up catching two pikeminnow instead. :eek:

I then headed up over to a locally known gravel bar on the Columbia before heading into work. Got two hits from some fish that I failed to hook. I will have to return here to see if I can find chinook. Next time I'll take more photos too.



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One time I was swinging flies on the river at your second location, had waded way out. Wasn't paying much attention to the big river since I'd hooked a steelhead. I became aware that I was getting deeper without moving. I made it ashore without over-topping my waders but it was a tap dance on my toes for a bit.....good luck on your next visit!


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Use a white or olive and white dolly llama and you can provably earn some gas money on your next trip. PM aren’t much fun but getting paid to fish isn’t a bad gig.

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