What was your first concert?


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The Eagles at the Coliseum. 1974. My second concert would have been The Rolling Stones, i think in 1976. But i sold my tickets to my boss for $40, i believe they cost $8 each. I’m still mad i did that. (Never have seen The Stones.)

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Wishbone Ash Portland , the old Paramount 1972..."Argus" era ...forget exact date...of course J Geils was around then too...too be honest I think my first wewas in 1971...it is a bit of a blur...


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My first was the Jeff Beck Group, Argent and Foghat, who were on their first American tour, for $3.50. Wasn't Jeff's most productive period but I still remember a version of 'Plynth (water down the drain)' that was deafening even in the balcony.
My 2nd was Pink Floyd doing stuff from 'Dark side...' before the record was released. That one set me back $4.00.


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Randall's Island Jazz Festival NYC, 1959. If you dug jazz back in the day you will recognize every name on this list. A Tour de Force of the jazz giants of the day.
Dizzy Gillespie
Sarah Vaughn
Horace Silver
Dave Brubeck
Jimmie Smith
Max Roach
Duke Ellington
Dinah Washington
Chico Hamilton
Ramsey Lewis
Chris Conner
Art Blakey
Thelonious Monk
Miles Davis
Ahmad Jamal
Modern Jazz Quartet
Dakota Staton
Stan Kenton Orchestra

The same week I went to Birdland and saw Miles playing with Cannonball and Coltrane but I forget who was on bass and piano. An embarrassment of riches!


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Kate Wolf back in the 70's. Long since gone. Magical voice.

Luciano Pavarotti back around 1980. Damn him.....made me cry like a little girl. He had such a commanding presence!

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