FS/T Two like new Thomas & Thomas Avantt rods


Both rods have been used less than a week-more like 3 days. I lawn casted demos and ordered two new rods- I 'had to have’ them. One is an 864, the other a 905. I had both customized with full Wells grips from T&T. If you know these rods you know they are powerful and smooth. I just prefer a different/ slower rod for most of my small/medium stream fishing for trout. The 905 warranty has been registered, the 864 has not. I used each rod 3 or 4 times max. They are almost brand new.

I would prefer to trade- and not sell outright. I’m looking for specific rods in similar like new condition:
Scott G series 844
Winston Pure 864
Loomis NRX 906 w/ fighting butt.

I will also consider older Hardy Perfect reels, or Abel reels.

If I cannot find the rods I’m looking for, I will sell them—but again, I want to try and trade first.


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Purchased the NRX on closeout. 905 and 864 Avantts $575 each, or willing to work out a trade for the 864 Winston Pure.