Fishhook Removal Trick

Hey there fellow Anglers,

Just wanted to share with you a fishhook removal trick I found online after my own recent misadventure

Saved me a trip to the Emergency Room … and the chance to keep on Fishing

Be safe out there

The way to prevent that is to Pinch all your barbs. I pinch all my barbs. As I am somewhat kind of klutz. I get flies stuck in my hands just walking from spot to spot. So pinching your barbs is a must. Pinched barbs slide out much easier.
Totally agree...and I can't say pinched barbs have resulted in fewer landed fish for me anyway....


1x hook + 1x unlucky chicken = fish.
Yup, nowhere near as bad with a small fly hook and a pinched barb. I've had one go into my finger a month or two back. Gently pulled it out, put a bandaid on, and got back to fishing..
I had to have my neighbor remove a hook useing the method in the fly in the face video. Hook came out just like the video. Painless until after the hook is out.
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