Trip Report Rocky Mountain National Park July 2019


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My wife, son and I got to spend a week in Rocky Mountain National Park. We stayed in Estes Park, about 1-1/2 to 2 hours north of Denver depending on traffic and route. The water this second week of July was still high, this has been a high snow pack and slow runoff year, making the streams in the Park still high, fast and challenging to fish. Even so, we enjoyed the Big Thompson, Cub Creek and Upper Colorado River. Glacier and North St Vrain were simply unfishable except for the rare pocket of soft water. We took some fish including browns, brookies and some of the rare Colorado Greenback cutts. The fishing was catch & release, the photography was definitely catch & keep with some new favorites added to my collection. Bring your short, light rods and good camera gear if you go. And enjoy good BBQ at Smokin' Daves on the west end of town.

Tight lines, Ron



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When the moose eventually walked out of the lake and into the woods he went right past a fly fisherman standing waist deep in the lake about 20 yards from shore. Neither seemed concerned about each other. But I was glad to be photographing from a longer distance on the shore of the lake...I had no interest in tangling with a moose!


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I thought about stopping at Rick
Want to hear more about the rod and reel.

And do you mean to tell us that you took a trip to Colorado without visiting Rick's Rods, the focal point for all things Phillipson.
I thought about stopping at Rick's on our way back to the airport but my wife seemed to think a fancy lunch in Estes Park on our last day was more important (I jest I loved the lunch too)! So Rick's did not make it into our busy week's itinerary. This time. We determined that we absolutely have to go back to RMNP in September some year, so hopefully next trip. And that 8' Phillipson got most of the fishing time last week. My 7-1/2' Scott Whitman, 8' Heddon 1-1/2f, Granger Victory 8642 and Bean Dry Fly Rod (Phillipson Dry Fly Special) each had time on the stream too. The Whitman copy of a GF7630 was absolutely wonderful on the smallest stream we fished but I wanted 8' rods on most days fishing in a breeze with droppers and fast water.

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