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Visited the ortho on Monday. He said the arm was healing well and I should be able to resume most normal activity within a month; I take that to mean “do what you want” so it’s time to see how the limb is going to hold up handling the wading stick.

Hard to believe we had a nasty thunderstorm just a few hours ago (it’s twin will shut me down later in the day)

I’ll wait a few more weeks ‘till the 2020’s come out and see if they’re willing to deal to move stock sitting on the lot

Signs say the road is closed 10 miles up, which is where things get interesting, so I spend a little time on the lower section before heading to option B.

Nothing big down here but the natives are looking up

I have no idea what it’s called but it worked

Head back down the road to another blue line; flows are still good (it’s been a fairly wet, cool summer here so far) but it’s easy enough to get from one side to the other, when necessary.

A hard rejection on foam so I switch to an ungulate thing and take one still in spawning colors

A few more good holes

And a few more cutts

But the light’s gone off the water, temps drop and thunder starts booming. Since I don’t want them to find my body in a logjam with 9’ of graphite fused to my arm, I beat a hasty retreat. I wait out the worst of it in the truck; by the time I get back it looks like someone needs to find the snow shovel

I’d do it but I’ve got this broken arm...

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Some of your pictures do give meaning to beating the brush, very beautiful water! Hardhat hail stones.

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I think that Scott's doing this just to tease me. He knows that walking and wading a stream like that is a no- no for me.

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