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I got hit hard the week before my July Montana trip with food poising or the norovirus and lost 7 pounds and a lot of strength. Due to this I change my plans for my usual solo trip because I am usually out of cell range most of the time. Thus the change of pace...

I decided to do a local Oregon trip and hit as many rivers in five days that I could. First two pictures are from the upper McKenzie River where I camped for a couple of nights and caught several rainbows. Then it was off to the Metolious River and tough fishing as usual (I only caught one). Pictures 3 & 4

Camping was booked in the area so I the then went to hit the Upper Deschutes below Lava Lake. I usually find big rookies and whitefish but this time landed a really nice and fat rainbow. Pictures 5 & 6 That evening I slept on the banks of the Fall River and trie hard to catch something but was unsuccessful after about 2.5 hours. It was slow for everyone that morning but a young lady guide and her 55+ client were pulling fish one after another in one nice hole and everyone else, including me, were jealous. Picture 7 Upper Fall River where I camped :)

After a hard morning on the Fall I drove over to the Crooked River out of Prineville and fished for a few hours. However, it was hotter than .... and the moss was fouling my flies every other cast. Even though the Crooked and Fall rivers were difficult to fish this day I have great memories of doing well in both rivers in the past. Crooked River in Pictures 8 & 9.

After the heat of central Oregon I made a late afternoon drive back to the Upper McKenzie where I camped one more night and caught some nice fish, both big and small :) Last pictures

All in all is was a good change of pace from my usual Montana trips however the fish were on the smaller side of what I find in Montana but the closeness to home was a nice change.

IMG_2829.jpeg IMG_2832.jpeg IMG_2836.jpeg IMG_2843.jpeg IMG_2851.jpeg IMG_2855.jpg IMG_2864.jpeg IMG_2869.jpeg IMG_2903.jpeg IMG_2909.jpeg

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