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Some people seem to have kids just to have more tax credits, I suggest another idea. Do just the opposite. Raise your taxes for every child you have. Have all the children you want but take the responsibility for them and their impact on the planet. Overcrowded schools? Pay up. Let's not reward people for having a billion kids.....
Always get a chuckle from the ol' tax credit argument about too many children. Anyone who's ever had children knows they cost a whole shitload (yes, that term is absolutely appropriate in context) more than the couple thousand bucks they give you back come tax time. NOT a wise way to scheme the gubmint.

Now, you wanna argue there are a lot of folks having too many kids? Yeah, I kind of agree with that. Nobody needs more than 2 or 3 (though I'm sure all are a joy). I think the trouble starts, from a population control perspective, when we start talking about how to make sure accidents stop happening. As long as folks keep a dancin' the Bedtime Bossanova, little bundles of joy will keep finding their way into unsuspecting bellies.

Jim Travers

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these scams these days, man! they're gettin bad. i'm losin' my fight on these guys! almost time to just join the party. i'm just gonna start calling random numbers and asking "whats your social security number" without even introducin' myself. gonna have to employ one of those voice masker deals though so i sound very low, growly, and intimidating!!


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Congress has borrowed from the Social Security Fund, the U.S. Government is the borrower, a pretty safe bet. Social Security can't just let the money sit in a bank doing nothing, like your bank, the money is loaned out and is paid back with interest. .Social Security gets about 13% of it's income from the interest on the loaned money. The 13% number was current a number of years ago, before I retired, I'm sure that the fund still receives interest. The BS that the fund is completely broke and the money disappeared into thin air is a huge falsehood. Other than the CIA and the military just about every federal dollar can be accounted for, that is why the cabinet officers are having ethics problems.

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