Marysville / Tulalip options?

I’m an experienced river and stream flyfisherman with very few hours logged on the salt. I’m a catch and release guy unless I pull out a farm steelhead. I live in Woodinville and have fished the nearby options the last several years, as well as the southern sound area, and the OP. Ive never ventured north.

I’m wondering if anything near Marysville/Tulalip is both legal and worth fishing this time of year? About to spend a few days there. PMs if you prefer a more discrete format. Anything is appreciated!


Hi, Salt,

You might consider any of the following:

1. Kayak Point Park, or other beach access for searun cutts; they should be heading toward the Stilly soon. Weekends not recommended due to crowds.
2. Stillaguamish River below Marine Drive - open for searun cutts in the short area (maybe a mile or a bit more) in the area described. It's still early for searuns, but a few will be wandering in/out with the tide, I suspect. Pontoon boat would provide best access but there are walkable areas.
3. The Seven Lakes area north of the Tulalip Reservation. Warm water fishes are an appropriate target, and some have decent size bass, perch, and a few crappie.
4. If you're interested in a hike-in experience (short hike, about a mile), I can give you info on a Skagit County lake with lots of cutthroat, but few if any more than 12". That'd require a bit more privacy :)

Good luck in whatever you do!

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