Trip Report 2 grayling in north Finland!

Adam Saarinen

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I've had a weird first half of 2019! Left my long time girlfriend of 16 yrs. Got engaged with someone knew! sketch-1564939260049.pngAt the same time had a cancer scare! sketch-1564939508903.pngNever wanted to do a NFR thread because there are too many going on! Anyway, 4.5hrs operaation to take out a tumer, was a none cancerous nymph lude! Lots of ultra sounds & shit! Worst part was the waiting! sketch-1564939206917.pngOperaation went well! Lost my dog, left her with my X, it's something i havn't known how to deal with yet! sketch-1564939358095.pngMoved to Helsinki & got a new job, transfer with the same Company, busy at work a lot! Took my knew woman to Lapland week 30!sketch-1564937660873.png690 miles in 14hrs on the first day, stayed in a hotel. sketch-1564938025622.pngPicture i took that night. sketch-1564937987612.pngMoved to a cabin on the river for a night the next day. sketch-1564938186421.pngLaura is no virgin to Lapland, her Mom is from here! The river. sketch-1564938049501.pngTook a picture of a bird in flight. sketch-1564938087722.pngAte the best reindeer stew in the whole of Finland! sketch-1564938105850.pngNo bullshit, Laura relaxing after wards! sketch-1564938127742.pngThe 2 small grayling that just made life seem good! sketch-1564938144566.pngsketch-1564938064664.pngHeaded on to Norway, but that's another story. sketch-1564937762118.pngBack in Finland. sketch-1564937728538.pngMozzies on my van from northern Sweden! Flyfishing has just been taking a back seat this year. But i trully do love flyfishing! Brings nature & me together! I will try harder this half year! Adam Saarinen

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