Trip Report Upper Bitterroot Valley


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We spent a few days in the upper Bitterroot area fishing both forks and a couple of the many small creeks. Conditions were good although the water seemed a tad on the low side. Fish were relatively small for MT but variety was nice, one day I caught at least one each of: Cutt, Rainbow, Brown, Brookie, Bull and Whitefish.

It was fun water to use a handful of bamboo rods, a 7' Granger Victory, 7-1/2' Granger Favorite (by Scott Whitman), my trusty 8' Phillipson (#8 hopper with dropper? No problem!) and pictured below the first outing with a beautiful 8-1/2' Heddon #60.
E Fork Cutt & Heddon #60.jpg

The water choices were many and in one day you could easily fish a small, medium and large stream and get a lot of variety.

IMG_1115.jpg IMG_1138.jpg IMG_1158.jpg

This wasn't as remote or special as most Montana trips, but the beer and food at the micro breweries in Hamilton was fantastic.

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Wonderful trip report and pics. The West fork of the Bitterroot is one of my favorite places to fish. It is wade able in so many places. KUDOs to you for fishing the small tributaries - places so often missed by many.

To this day I remember when I caught the same 6 varieties of fish in one day as you on Rock Creek. Those days do not happen very often...
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We lived there for 7 years and I miss it a lot. I don't get back enough. Thanks for the post.
We hit the jackpot on our last day we enjoyed Bitterroot Brewing in Hamilton for the third time and unexpectedly got to enjoy live music by Big Sky Mudflaps. Absolutely awesome!!

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I've never fished that Skinny water. Now with my bad knees, I sure ain't going to start. I would slip on one rock and fall on my knees and I would need a helicopter to get me out of there.:rolleyes::rolleyes:


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I lived in Darby in the late seventies and Mud Flaps were playing then. Great dance band. Think I have their first LP in a box somewhere. High mtn. lake fishing is fabulous. Good lonesome fishing in the upper reaches of both forks. All you need is an Adams and your set.....


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They've been together for......42 years!!! And they rocked, even if they looked like they were ready for a retirement center. Gotta' love the Children of the 60's.

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