Okuma Sanibel 8/9 reel NEED HELP

Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
@Easttexasangler, there was a recommendation for an Echo (brand) 5 weight or 6 weight rod and reel for trout. Echo does makes good rods at an affordable price (for "fly" fishing rods, which seem to be much more expensive than the average spinning or bait casting rods of equivalent quality), as does Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO). Earlier I suggested an 8/9 weight rod because bass fishing is popular in your area, an 8 or 9 weight rod is commonly used for bass fishing, and you got a good deal on the reel (eBay search showed a recent sale for $80).

The book I mentioned earlier covers how to assemble a balanced bass fly fishing outfit.

A rough guess for cost of a new entry level Echo 8 weight rod would be $100 to $150. The line you have; apparently a sink tip, would work with a selection of sub-surface bass flies that might run $30. A leader with a "bass taper" to "turn over" (properly cast and present) big bass flies and tippet for the end of the leader would run up to $30.

Unfortunately with one reel and without a second spool IMHO you're limited to fishing sub-surface or surface flies. A second reel might cost $170.

If you really like to fish for bass with poppers (I like the surface explosions) then add up to around $80 (list) for a floating bass taper line (good lines are worth the investment) and clipped deer hair poppers and divers can run about $6 - $7 each. You can purchase an add on sink tip leader for a floating line (not vice versa) to fish the sub-surface flies but (again, IMHO) that might not cast big sub-surface bass flies very well.


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Just found this reel, let's just say at a really good price. What is it worth? Should I sell or fish with it very very new to fly-fishing. Couldn't find much on this let me know what y'all guys think.
never, ever sold for 800, let alone 1000.. If you want to sell, offer me a decent price-respective of your cost to buy, and maybe i will tke it off your hands. I like this reel and can use....


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I'll give you $13.99 if it comes with a new Rio outbound short spooled on it. Face to face pickup only and you keep the paperweight.


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Dude you are clearly making stuff up to low ball the guy. The least I would take for that real is 750 bucks. Dont budge OP dont budge you have found your pot of gold.
guess what? I will bet you $1000 that this reel never retailed over $220 in the worst markup by a retailer.....stick your money up, HD. You do not know anything re: fly reels....based on your assertion. Now am curious where someone like you lives so as to be so errant in this forum misinformation. I own about 17-19 fly reels.....including an STH Caribbean anti-reverse, brand new, which retailed for about $399 IIRC..... and am now selling for $260 OBO. Bet you also you dont even know what i am talking about re: this reel.
You are doing a disservice to claim 800-1000 for this.....as others state and know: your meds are out of line.....

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