Would your wife/s.o. ever go backpacking with you?


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My wife hasn't been camping in 22 years. She enjoys the outdoors but she has a fear of camping in bear country.

At the last minute, my friend just backed out of our 7 day backpack. I've been bummed so she suggested we do an overnighter. I think I'm now more stoked on her getting out with her.

We are heading up and staying near the NW entrance tonight and just going to the backcountry office tomorrow morning to see what is available. Here are some options I'm kicking around:




So is your S.O up for this kind of adventure?


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The first year I met my wife we got in over 20 backpacks. Life responsibility makes it hard to keep that pace, but we make it out 5-10 times a year. There isn't anyone I would rather adventure in the woods with.

We just got back from backpacking across the Tetons last week and are eating breakfast on lake quinalt this morning, about to embark up the hoh River trail to blue glacier this weekend.




I would go with the creek from your pictures above!


My wife was backpacking into the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon long before I ever did.

So yes, at one time the both of us were into backpacking before I became dedicated to flyfishing. It really wasn't until our damned bodies started falling apart that we had to give it up... at least the camping bit. We still go on forest trail walks on the weekends.

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My fiancé and I like to just drive out to the middle of nowhere somewhere with no services etc and just set up camp and have it be just the 2 of us. She sets up / breaks down camp better than any guy I’ve ever camped with, plus she’s picking up fly casting pretty fast!