Would your wife/s.o. ever go backpacking with you?


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My wife will do 3 days in the woods.
Not a day more.

I don't complain.
Same here. My wife’s limit in the backcountry is 2-3 days. Car camping or if we bring the trailer along is different. It’s all about the shower access.

I also have not convinced her to backcountry camp with just the two of us in areas with grizzlies. Again, she’ll camp in established campgrounds but no overnighters off the beaten path. She knows it’s a bit of an irrational fear but it is what it is. I’m fine with that. To be honest, I would be more comfortable in that situation with 3+ people anyway.

Even though she doesn’t fish, she enjoys getting outdoors and that’s the important part.

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<snip> Car camping or if we bring the trailer along is different. It’s all about the shower access. <snip>
I thought this was true but nope... Started out with a nice camper. Then went to a fifth wheel. Ended up with a 36' foot Class A rig. No bueno... Sold everything finally.

Now I go out by myself or with friends. She stays home. Turns out those breaks are good for us because we rebuild ourselves and do things we each want to do separately. Married 37 years and still going strong...


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nope, Mrs. Jeeper will car camp, but has a bad knee so backpacking is out of the picture. My daughter is 8, and has expressed interest, so hopefully that'll happen. If not i'm totally fine with doing solo trips, or going with a buddy or two.


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@golfman44 Ledson huh? Lived down the street from them for many years. Cool to see the label. Good choice with ribeye.

My girl’s rule is a shower must be nearby, whether she uses it or not! We did some back country trips when we were without kids. Shes hesitant about the hammocks too, I think she may like it too much and have to admit it.

Creek for sure, moving water is way more romantic.