Would your wife/s.o. ever go backpacking with you?

Chris Johnson

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My wife and I are doing 35 miles of the Wonderland trail next week. We are going with her Sister and Brother in law.

Greg Armstrong

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Over the decades my wife and I progressed from backpacking with a tarp, on to sleeping in a bigger tent with the kids when they were babes, progressed through four VW camper vans and a couple of small boats with cabins, on to a camp trailer, and now in a truck camper.

It's been a really fun progression!

BTW those little kids are now in their 30's and backpacking with their significant others.
We followed C,S & N's advice; ..."teach your children well"... :D


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If it's *just* the grizzlies UDAP and others make portable electric perimeter fences that are light enough to bring with you on backpacking trips. It's about 4lbs so it's lighter than nothing, but if that's really the only obstacle then it might be worth considering. In my experience - it pays to set it up at home and customize it a bit so that it's faster and easier to set-up in the field.

Having said that - in my experience if someone's not into something bringing them along is generally a lose-lose proposition and best avoided.


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My wife just turned 70. She's a couple of years older than me, but despite my youth I have a hip acting up, so she's considering a trip on the PCT with the dog instead of me.


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Yes, of course.we ski, mountain bike,hike,paddleboard,fish and more. On occasion we get to relive the pre-daughter days.
Recent hike in the Pintlers. The only bummer was spending the night in a zone incinerated by the fire two summers ago. We were covered in soot.
I dont bother bears and they dont bother me.



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So is your S.O up for this kind of adventure?
At first thought I'd say no, because she didn't enjoy tent camping with our newly blendered family 12 years ago. But that was with her 3 high-strung, bug/dirt/nature-phobic girly-girls, and my two who had their own issues at the time. Let's just say we haven't checked into a state park since.

Might be different now that being empty nesters is at the edge of our radar screen (at least that's what we keep telling ourselves). At any rate, relative parenting freedom is close enough that we're looking for new activities we can enjoy together. Particularly if they help keep us fit. Backpacking might be pushing her comfort envelope (possibly even mine) but day hikes are already on the list. She likes the outdoors but I think it would come down to comfort and safety.

So I'd be interested to hear about product improvements since the last time I back packed 50 years ago when my Dad dragged my Mom and 2 sisters 20 miles into the North Cascades (with home-made canvas packs).
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I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
Well we made it back and she crushed it. Between the river, creek, or lake option we were able to snag a permit for the creek. Considering we just showed up with no "reservations," feel like we did ok.

Trail starts with a killer view, then down to the river, crosses, and the creek is head towards the mtns in the background.

Hiking through the sage

After a few miles, we hit the creek.

Campsite was located on the creek. Man I love sleeping next to moving water. The tent spot was exposed tent spot but camp had 360 degree views.

Bear pole and kitchen were right on the creek. I rigged a tarp for shade and also to protect us in the event of an afternoon thunderstorm.

Once camp was set we went and played. Creek was mostly pocket water.

Fish were small but willing to eat whatever you threw at em. We fished hoppers the entire trip.

We did walk downstream yesterday and found a bad ass hole. I sat on this thing for about an hour and fished dries, streamers, mice patterns....didn't catch a damn thing. Couldn't believe it. Still a beautiful piece of water.

We also walked down to the main stem but with all the rain we've had the past few days it was pretty dirty.

We did see some wildlife. We had 5 different bear sightings. While seeing bears is not uncommon, I've never had that happen. Two were less than 100 yds. Melissa was a little freaked out but ended up getting more comfortable with each sighting.

We also saw a badger. My first.

Finally we say a coyote take down a rodent right in camp this morning. That was awesome.

As soon as we got back to the trailhead I was ready to head back in. Kicking around a 3-5 day trip this week with another buddy.