Would your wife/s.o. ever go backpacking with you?


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So I'd be interested to hear about product improvements since my Dad dragged my Mom and 2 sisters 20 miles into the North Cascades 50 years ago (with home-made canvas packs).
On the gear side, I think you can find modern gear that's anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 lighter than what you could find 30 years ago, so if money isn't a huge obstacle, you can be way more comfortable while carrying way lighter loads.

Packs, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and stoves have all gotten significantly smaller and lighter. To take but one example, it's possible to get a very weatherproof and roomy (but not bug proof) two person shelter that weights in at about 1.2 lbs and packs down to the size of a Nalgene or less. They retail for north of $700, but if you do much overnight camping and minimizing weight-induced suffering is a priority then it'd you'll probably end up valuing at least as much as any $700+ fly rod.


I've gone the other direction and do most of my overnight camping on family trips where I carry all of the gear on a car or a raft these days, so weight isn't at the top of the list when it comes to evaluating gear, but if I ever start cranking out the mileage in the backcountry again I'll have no problem paying a steep price to keep my pack weight down.


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Uh, yeah. And last year Mrs. Salmo did the 6-day packraft float with me down the SF in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. And weekend before last I spent a few days backpacking on the PCT in the N Cascades with my 42 year old daughter. She blames me that hiking is in her blood.


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The little fat creature she was talking about in the video was a badger. Those things are cool and while fairly common in Yellowstone, sightings are rare. Nice to check that one off the list

(not my photo)


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@Swimmy in some places not that far from you we don’t even need to leave the comfort of “home” to get bears, much less hike in to X Creek. This curious little guy and his Subaru-sized mom were on our fishing property last week right near the water. The sow swam like the world’s largest and hairiest version of Michael Phelps.

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Badgers hunting with coyotes is one of my favorite sightings in Yellowstone. We have been making 1-2 trips to the park a year since the late 90’s and have seen it 4 times. Every time has been in Lamar.

Last trip (this spring) we set a personal record for bear and wolf sightings over a week long trip (Yellowstone and Grand Teton). 40+ unique bears and 7 wolves. Here are my notes. We saw multiple bears more than once. A good primer for someone headed there for the first time trying to find bears - especially in the spring. Disclaimer; my wife loves photographing wildlife so we spend a lot of time looking. Added a couple random not all that special pics from the 5000 or so bear pics we have from that trip and our AK trip this year :). Roughly 2/3rds of the bears we saw at Yellowstone/ Grand Teton were spotted from the road BTW.

Cinnamon Black Bear


Grand Teton Grizzly


Black bear and two cubs between mammoth and tower (3)

Black bear calcite area (1)

Grizzly with cub - Hayden (2)

Grizzly bear bear dam in Teton (1)

Grizzly (Blondie) and cubs grand Teton (3)

Black bear calcite area (1)

Grizzly and two cubs slough creek area (3)

Black bear and two cubs (between canyon junction and slightly creek eating calf) (3)

Cinnamon black bear between near bridge heading to Lamar (1)

Black bear between calcite and Lamar junction (1)

Black bear between calcite and Lamar junction. (1)

Black bear between calcite and Lamar junction (1)

Black bear between Lamar and Cooke city (1)

Black bear w/ cub near bridge Lamar (2)

Grizzly Dunraven pass (1)

Grizzly slough creek - 3 adults on carcass. (3)

Grizzly between slightly creek and bridge (1)

Grizzly w cub between slough creek and bridge (2)

Cinnamon black bear between slough creek and bridge (1)

Cinnamon black bear w/ cub near elk creek (2)

Grizzly w/ two cubs near Specimen trailhead (3)

Black bear between Lamar junction and mammoth - floating island area (1)

Black bear petrified tree area (1)

Black bear w/ two cubs between Lamar junction and mammoth (3)


lone black wolf Hayden - west side rd (1)
Wolves in Lamar (4)
Lone wolve Lamar (1)
Wolves in Hayden east side rd (2)


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
Impressive jasmillo.

I got the backcountry bug and heading back out for a 5 day backpack. This is trip is all about swinging mice to big cutties.

Food for the trip:

The goods

Giddy up. Today is big, 12 miles in. Next few days are more fishing than hiking. Then a big push to get out. Total mileage will be approx 45.



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Swimmy wearing Crocks? What is this world coming to? Actually tough to beat for camp shoes, where utility rules over fashion.

No Bear Vault?

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@Swimmy is legit. Do you use a bear canister, or hang your food from tree, or? Also, any emergency whiskey in there? For emergencies mind you.


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Very inspiring organizing! I keep refining my approach but it still seem to spend most of my spare time during the week before and after a raft trip packing or unpacking/cleaning. I think it's like golf, you never "win" - you just shave a stroke off here and there.


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Swimmy wearing Crocks? What is this world coming to? Actually tough to beat for camp shoes, where utility rules over fashion.

No Bear Vault?
Mine have been replaced by Sanuks. More packable, just as light (or lighter), more comfortable, better coverage kicking around camp, slip on but stay on your feet better, don't look so goofy.

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