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Federal lands=federal laws. I usually bring a cartridge out fishing. While I don't prefer them, they are very discreet. Not everyone enjoys the smell of marijuana and it is still illegal to consume in public. Then again its also illegal to throw your empty beer can into the river. Its all about just being mindful and respectful of others out in public. Put your nugs in your console next time. Glad the Ranger was understanding of your situation and let you off.


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I'm not sure, but it can lead to fishing for 15 minutes before realizing you don't have a fly on anymore. :D;)
Gotta throw this one out there. Skip and I were fishing the Yak during a Burning Pram event. I had finished my fishing for the day and went back to my car and smoked half a j. Skip was fishing a flat and in the same spot in the drift, he would get a splashy rise. I was sitting high up on the bank playing gilly, telling him when he was getting close to the spot. It must have done that about thirty times with Skip never getting a hook into it. I was laughing so hard my heart nearly stopped. That there is another example where fishing stoned can be dangerous to your health. :p
Sorry, Skip. :rolleyes:
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Then again its also illegal to throw your empty beer can into the river. Its all about just being mindful and respectful of others out in public.

I agree. Empty beer cans on the river or lake are terrible, so is the smell of weed. I wish all fisherman would be responsible and fill their beer cans with water and let them sink to the bottom to lessen the observable trash and ugliness. Weed should be illegal....like we need another substance to escape reality. Let that shit fill up with water before you sink it also, again, be responsible.


bennysbuddy posted: "In 2005 all they could prove is that a sometime in the last 12hours you were high, the dude that killed my sister walked out of the courtroom without even a traffic ticket."

It doesn't look like pot use was the problem here. I see two problems. First, driving impaired. It wouldn't have mattered whether it was pot, alcohol, or a cell phone. Second, it appears that the perp got away with felony manslaughter. Doesn't matter if he was impaired or not. If so, that ain't never right.

when the guys father is the administrator of the county jail & everybody including the Judge & prosecutor greets him by his first name on the first day of the trial, which only happened because a grand jury forced them to have one you realize your fucked. By the new laws in the state of Oregon since legalizing weed the guy would have been jailed


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Having never tried drugs or alcohol of any kind, I guess I don’t understand what all the fuss is about? Life presents enough challenges for me to deal with without having to preoccupy my mind with whether something is legal or not, whether I need a designated driver to get home, or whether I stashed my equipment out of sight when I left the vehicle. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not perfect. Although I exercise regularly, my eating habits could be improved. But I don’t need statistics to tell me what I’ve already witnessed; how drugs and alcohol have negatively affected members of my immediate family. I decided long ago to never partake in either one. I don’t think my life has suffered as a result of that decision. But I’m not sure society can say it’s better off with either one.
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I'll have 9 years clean and sober on the 26th! A joint leads to worse things for me, so I haven't touched it or any chemical including alcohol in 9 years. The tug is my drug now :)

Now, obviously I dont judge anyone who uses marijuana or any drug for that matter, but if you do you always run certain risks. My mind is blown that its completely legal and available in a retail setting. I got clean before it was legalized.

I'd rather run into a few stoned fly anglers on the river than a bunch of drunk yahoos shitting on the banks and doing flips off cliffs into a good fishing hole


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When I was a teenager, I was told that there was no such thing as a juvenile delinquent holding a fishing rod. I can still vividly remember laughing extensively about that statement with my buddy while fishing in my canoe catching bass on topwater plugs.
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One thing that I don't think people consider when comparing pre- to post-legalization statistics is that if you wanted to smoke pot pre-legalization, it wasn't all that hard to find. In my opinion, there wasn't some great gold rush of neophyte pot smokers after legalization, just validation for those who already did; so they didn't find new data, just a new peg to hang their hat on. As others have pointed out, studies before legalization were scarce and used largely people who had never used before being watched by people in lab coats recording every thing they did. No pressure there! I recall reading a report that tested drivers who used regularly and were found to score much better in driving tests than originally observed.
My personal experience is in 45+ years of use I've never had an accident or been ticketed for DUII. Hell, it's more likely for a pothead to drive ten miles under the speed the speed limit than recklessly.
Another thing to consider is that people who test positive were pulled over for doing something stupid in the first place. Hard to prove that marijuana was responsible when people on fresh air do the same stupid shit everyday.
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