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It's funny because whenever I go to MT I smell just as much weed smoke on the river as I do in WA. Many guides take a few puffs during their midday "safety break" while their clients have lunch. The ganja isn't for me though since I either dont feel any effect from it or it gives me major anxiety. I did an edible that didnt hit until almost two hours later during the hike out one day and I swear I thought something lurked behind every tree....I may or may not have been stalked by a demogorgon that day.
I happen to have read something recently that ingested cannibinoids are processed differently than inhaled cannibinoids, and speculation that the reputation for edibles producing paranoia might have a chemical basis.


Bhudda's batchelor party on the Beckler was epic. Ranger was a dick.
Benny was the highlight.....”don’t do shit! He aint no fuckin cop!! Don’t listen to a word he says!!!! Blah blah blah ...Ranger schooled us on how he had nothing better to do then watch us all night and gladly take one of us to the Federal holding tank in Seattle :)
Good times...


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It has been my experience that many people "let down their guard" when out in the wild, doing things like leaving a pipe out in plain sight. Something they would never do in the city. This goes the same way in respect to crime prevention. It is easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Criminals in California clued into this long ago and many find easy pickens just a couple hours drive from the city.


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I'm just a bit confused with this part of your post: "peered aggressively inside its windows and noticed a very small container of marijuana behind the drivers seat out of view and hidden." If I understand what you've written, the ranger didn't open doors but saw the container while "peering aggressively" so I guess your pot wasn't well hidden.

I suppose its an easy thing to overlook possession on federal jurisdiction property in that pot is legal in this state (except as you've noted). Not a worry for me since I don't use drugs (except coffee and Advil) but good advice to those of you who do.


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Wow, am I the only person in WA that is embarrassed to have this disgusting stuff legalized? Having been an educator for many years I have seen what this stuff does to young people! I am also quite aware of the short and long-term effects it imposes. And to say it is safer than alcohol does not make it any healthier in the long run! Smoking anything causes cancer.

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