Souvenir from Leech Lake

I brought home something that was unintended. Lab results said it was “likely due to an exposure to a waterborne antigen”.
I wouldn’t advise wading wet there. I did cuz I forgot my waders. I was younger then, it won’t happen again. Exposure was two
weeks ago.


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I have picked up swimmers itch from Leech when finning around without waders, just wading socks. It is caused by a schistosome parasite that tries to burrow into the skin of warm-blooded organisms. In this case, birds, not mammals, are the intended host for the burrowing larvae. If they try to infect us, they are caught by our bodies’ defenses in the skin and develop into something that resembles a mosquito bite on steroids.


It's all good.
Ugh! I feel for you. Swimmer's itch was pretty routine when I was growing up in MN way back when. Common practice was to shower with hot water and/or rub down hard with a towel after getting out of the water. (Like ticks, I believe the organism takes a while to burrow in.)
And yeah, we tried to avoid swimming where there were a lot of ducks!
Ticks, snakes.... now we got Duck Mites? When will it ever end?

Memorial Day weekend right before high school graduation 1972 we hiked through the baking hot sun and sand to one of the then glorified Basin lakes. No fish were caught, the beer got too hot to drink and we got..... Duck Mite syndrome!
Ahh, the learning curve of youth.
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